How to get Papua New Guinea Short-Term single-Entry Business Visa in 3 steps

To obtain a visa for PNG, you can follow these general steps: 1. Determine the Type of Visa. ommon types include tourist visas, business visas, and transit visas. 2. Gather Required Documents: Once you know the type of visa you need, gather the necessary documents. 3. Submit Application and Pay Fees: Submit your completed visa application form and all the required documents. Pay the applicable visa fees, which can vary depending on your nationality and the visa type.

Step 1

Submit online application, it only takes less than 2 minutes, once you begin to fill the visa application form.


Step 2

Our team reviews your provided information if all the information provided must matches the Papua New Guinea Visa requirement.

Step 3

Receive Papua New Guinea Visa via email. Once your visa application is lodged we will send you a confirmation email with all details.

PNG Business Short-Term single entry Visa

The Business Short Term Single Visa is a type of visa that allows individuals to visit Papua New Guinea for business purposes for a short duration and for a single entry. This visa is typically granted to individuals who need to engage in business-related activities such as attending conferences, meetings, or exploring business opportunities in Papua New Guinea. Papua New Guinea Business Visa typically can be used for a business visa purposes.This is an electronic visa and you are not required to obtain a visa label. To assist meeting certain airline and border requirements, please retain a copy of this letter to present as evidence to airline staff and border officials of your right to travel to Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea Business eVisa Validity

PNG Business Short-Term visa permits single entries into Papua New Guinea and is valid for a period of 30 Days - Unlimited entries from the date that you arrive in Papua New Guinea. You are required to make your first entry to Papua New Guinea within six months of the Visa Grant. Failure to do so will render your visa invalid.

Papua New Guinea (PNG) Business eVisa Eligible Purpose

PNG Business eVisa is for eligible passport holders: who intend to visit Papua New Guinea for short-term business activities. This visa is for individuals who intend to visit Papua New Guinea for short-term business activities. Business activities which may be permitted (non-exhaustive list) include:

  • to carry out an official trade mission recognised by the Papua New Guinea government;
  • to sell goods and services in Papua New Guinea;
  • to buy Papua New Guinea goods and services;
  • To negotiate or discuss the set-up, expansion or wind-up of a business in Papua New Guinea;
  • to support a major infrastructure development project as approved by the government of Papua New Guinea;
  • To carry out any business with the authorised representatives of an overseas company, body or person;

Papua New Guinea Business Short Term single entry Visa Requirements

The following documents will required to be provided before the application can be lodged:

  • 1, Copy of Passport Bio Page. passport must be valid at least 6 months.
  • 2, Letter from PNG based Sponsor ( invitation letter as well).
  • 3, Complete Corona Virus Supplementary Heath Form
  • 4, Coronavirus Medical Clearance Certificate.

Papua New Guinea Business eVisa On-arrival

Note Papua New Guinea Business eVisa NOT AVAILABLE ON ARRIVAL You are responsible for ensuring that you have the appropriate visa for Papua New Guinea prior to commencing your travel. There may be adverse consequences if you attempt to enter Papua New Guinea without a visa. Applying for Papua New Guinea Business Short Term single entry Visa is very simple and 100% online. The visa application form should be completed on-line and include a copy of the required processing documents, applicant international passport must valid a minimum of 6 months before entry Papua New Guinea with at least 2 blank pages.

Dependents for Business Short Term single entry Visa

Dependents of Business Short Term single entry Visa Holders, who wish to accompany the visa holder to Papua New Guinea, will, in most circumstances, be eligible to apply for Tourist Visa.

PNG Business Short Term single entry Visa Extension Of Stay
  • Please note, No extension is allowed for this visa class.
  • No Change of Status (COS) is permitted for this visa class.

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